7 Steps for Found People to Find People

Found People Find People

The Bible is full of stories about found people who found other people. Pastor Brandon Cox shares seven steps for finding other people from the story of Philip, a young believer who encountered a lost person in the middle of the desert one day. … [Read more...]

God Uses Ordinary People

Found Title Only

God isn't looking for extra-talented spiritual superstars who know everything and do everything perfectly. He's looking to do extraordinary things through ordinary you and me! … [Read more...]

God Is On a Mission to Find You

Found Title Only

When it comes to spirituality, we are all seekers, even when we end up being deniers. But seeking after the God of the Bible is a different matter. In this first installment of the Found series, Pastor Brandon Cox explains why it is really God who seeks us, and finds us when we are willing to be … [Read more...]

Go and Rescue Others

Rescue Title

God never wastes your pain when you ask Him to use it in your life. He grows you through it, and He allows it to become a ministry to other people who are going through similar suffering. … [Read more...]

Get Ready for the Pain of the Process

Get Ready for the Pain of the Process

No matter your story, your background, your hurt, habit, or hang-up, God offers a fresh, clean start. But sometimes the process of healing from those hurts is painful. This is part 8 of Healing, taught by Pastor Brandon Cox. … [Read more...]

How to Keep On Healing

How to Keep On Healing

After walking through six steps in the process of healing from life's hurts, habits, and hang-ups, Pastor Brandon Cox takes this message to talk about how to sustain change over the long haul by establishing healthy habits for ongoing growth. … [Read more...]

Making Peace with Other People

Making Peace Title

Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers." In part 6 of the series, Healing, Pastor Brandon Cox walks through the meaning of Jesus' words. It's not about peace "keeping" through passivity or "forcing" peace aggressively, but seeking and making peace with other people through forgiveness and … [Read more...]

How Can I Finally Change?


None of us enjoy conflict or crises, but God uses both to produce lasting, positive change in our lives. In this message, Pastor Brandon Cox illustrates from the life of an Old Testament patriarch named Jacob the five phases of God's transforming work in our lives. … [Read more...]

Give the Controls of Your Life to God


We are all control freaks. We try to control ourselves, our circumstances, and even other people. And it doesn't work, does it? There's a better way and Jesus called it "meekness" which means "strength under control." Pastor Brandon Cox talks about how to give God the … [Read more...]

Go to God for Help


The first step in healing from our hurts, habits, and hang-ups is to get real about ourselves. And the second is to go to God for help. In this message, Pastor Brandon Cox will share the three realities we need to see in order to have hope and get healthy. The first step in healing from our … [Read more...]