Michael Lee

Michael Lee

Michael Lee serves the Kingdom in a variety of ways. On any given Sunday, you might finding him huddled up with a bunch of boys in Kids’ Worship or packing up tables and tv’s as we wrap up a service. Recently, he and his wife, Michelle, led the We Love NWA team that landscaped at Grace Hill Elementary School and the two of them drove around town collecting discounts and donations in preparation.

Instead of human kids, they have three cats – Chloe, Halle and Kitty. We caught up with Michael to ask him a few questions…

What do you do?

It’s pending on what door God is opening for me next…

What brought you to Grace Hills?

I wanted to be a part in a church plant- and found my church family.

What do you enjoy doing within the ministry of Grace Hills?

Morning Men’s Group and Children’s Ministry.

How has God blessed you since you started serving?

The feeling of contentment with where God has us and where we are going, seeing the kids growing with a thirst for God….and I got this award!

What is your favorite:

  • Super hero? He-Man.
  • Book (other than the Bible)? Halftime by Bob Buford.
  • College or Pro sports team (any sport you choose)? Soccer: AC-Milan. Football: Razorbacks. Basketball: LA Lakers.
  • Vacation spot? Bali, Indonesia.

If you could have any celebrity over for dinner, who would it be (and what would you serve)?

I would have Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and George W Bush, and I would serve Nasi Goreng and Purple Yam Ice Cream.

What’s something on your bucket list (to do before you die)?

I want to go to Israel, See AC Milan play in Milan, Italy, and bring my mom and brother to the US from Indonesia

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  • Campbell

    Faithful man of God! Appreciate you Michael!