Breaking News That Could Test Grace Hills’ Flexibility

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Dear Grace Hills Church & friends, this is tough news to deliver. Please watch while sitting down. And preferably with loved ones near... and please pass the news along, as painful as it is to hear... … [Read more...]

Cinema 56 (5th & 6th Grades) Pool Party!

Cinema56 Pool Party!

All 5th and 6th graders - join us for a pool party on Sunday, June 8 from 12:30 to 3:00 pm. There will be pizza, games, swimming, and more. Bring a swimsuit and towel. Email Meredith Chapuis with any questions. … [Read more...]

This Weekend: Baptisms! Plus the Final Message from Ruth

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What do a prostitute, a pagan, and a King's mistress all have in common? They're all great-great-something-great-grandmothers of Jesus, the Messiah. And they are evidence that God loves weaving messy lives into masterpieces for His glory. We're talking about that this weekend. Here's a short … [Read more...]

SHINE! The 1st Annual Girlfriends of Grace Hills Dinner

Shine Poster Newsletter

Email Shannon for Tickets … [Read more...]

Newcomers Lunch – Sunday, May 18

Newcomers Lunch

Come have lunch with our Pastors and hear the vision and values of Grace Hills and what it means to join the movement. And lunch is on us! Fill out the form below to let us know you're coming!   … [Read more...]

Do You Know Where Sam’s Stuff Comes From?

Brandon Sam

We humans live as the daily beneficiaries of a Creator who cares, who provides, and who works behind the scenes of our lives even when we're oblivious to His presence. Join us at Grace Hills, a church full of broken people that meets in the Malco Rogers Cinema. Come casual. Bring the kids! 9:00 or … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day! Join Us this Weekend!

Ruth Promo Square

Sometimes life leaves us without a lot of answers. Just ask Naomi, or as she would prefer to be called, "Mara" which translates as "Bitter." She lost her husband and her two sons, leaving her homeless in a strange land with no security or provision. God, however, was working behind the scenes as a … [Read more...]

Girls Night Out… to See ‘Moms Night Out’

Moms Night Out

Girls Night Out We'd love to get together, laugh, and enjoy some yummy food. We will go see the movie Mom's Night Out. (Don't worry if you're not a mom, we want EVERYONE to come.) And then, we will move the party to Mojito's for some food and fun. You have two opportunities to attend... May 10 or … [Read more...]

Coming Up this Weekend – Why We Hope: The King Is Coming Back!

Christians believe not only that Jesus died on the cross for sin and rose again, but that He's coming back someday. Sound crazy? Scary? Hard to understand? Join us at Grace Hills this weekend! Here's a video promo about it... Spread the word. Click "Like" to help this video travel further. … [Read more...]

People Will Discover HOPE and HEALING This Weekend

Hope and Healing

Wow! I am still in shock from what God did last weekend. We launched a second morning worship service and experienced a record number of people attending. And we kicked off our Healing series and people are talking about how God is using it! Before last Sunday, I put a video on our Facebook … [Read more...]