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Social media has played an important role in the life and history of Grace Hills Church. Our initial families were gathered almost entirely using Facebook. Others came as a result of reading a newspaper article that happened because of a conversation on Twitter. Most of our Grace Groups and volunteer teams utilize Facebook’s groups feature for communication. And we ask people to turn their mobile phones ON at the beginning of every worship service and check in.

We believe in the power of relationships, and social networks are modern tools for connection, communication, and community. We’ve put this page together to share some tips about how you can harness the power of your own social networks to share the good news and invite friends to church. It’s a page in progress and we’ll add more resources as time goes on. Feel free to email us with suggestions, questions, or comments.

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Helpful Articles About Social Media

10 Ways Anyone Can Use Social Media to Help Grace Hills

For the first year of Grace Hills Church’s life, we didn’t use any paid advertising or marketing, with the exception of one thing – Facebook ads. We understand that social networking is woven into our culture and an emerging generation of leaders communicates more openly than ever before. So social … [Read more…]

Pray for Others Using Social Media

This past week at Grace Hills, I taught a message entitled The Power of Praying for Others. It was part of our series on prayer and we spent the morning talking about intercession as a ministry. I mentioned briefly that I use a variety of lists to remind me to pray for people. For example, I … [Read more…]