The Herrings Are Moving to Nixa SOON!

The HerringsGrace Hills has partnered with John and Alisha Herring, who will be planting Refuge Church in Nixa, Missouri. Here’s a quick update from them…

We are Moving!!!

As I write this update, I have most of our ‘stuff’ packed in boxes in my garage.  We are just over a week away from our move to Nixa.  Thank you for continuing to pray for us!  God has provided us a home in Nixa.  Our timeline is described below:

  • March 15 – Close on our house in Maumelle
  • March 16 – Load up UHaul at 1:00 (all help is appreciated @ 5 Vantage Drive in Maumelle)
  • March 17 – Drive to Nixa
  • March 18 – Close on house in Nixa and unload UHaul at 12:00 (all help is appreciated at 1107 Verna Lane in Nixa)

This timeline is based on our closings going well and according to what is actually scheduled.  You can be praying that all the paperwork is handled correctly and both title companies involved will be able to stay on schedule.

Be praying for those that are moving to help us start this new work that they would be able to find jobs quickly. There are some possibilities lined up with some interviews planned. Pray that God would place everyone in the job He has for them.

We have heard from many who have friends and family in the Nixa area who are excited about us coming as they have been looking for a church to be a part of for some time. Be praying for those who are in the Nixa area that we know are actively looking for a church and are anxiously waiting for our arrival that God would add to our team those He desires to be involved.

Be praying that God would add to our Launch Team in His timing. We’re also praying that He would add a second pastor to our team who may also be able to lead worship.

In Christ,
John and Alisha Herring

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In addition to partnering financially with Refuge Church each month, we will also be sending teams to help with various projects in Nixa. Watch for more updates and opportunities!

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