Message Series: WEiRD – Because Normal Isn’t Working

WEiRDNormal isn’t working. Think about it. When we handle our finances in the “normal” way, we’re over-extended and stressed out. When our marriage is “normal,” things stay tense and there’s distance between us. When our work ethic is “normal,” we’re making questionable decisions. What is the norm today isn’t working. So let’s get weird, in a God kind of way!

Week One: WEiRD Life

In this introduction to a new message series called WEiRD, Pastor Brandon Cox talks about the difference between normal people and weird people and makes the point that “normal is broken. It isn’t working.” Future messages will talk about specific areas where we need to be weird.

Week Two: WEiRD Grace

Normal people view God as either an evil tyrant or a benign and benevolent grandpa in the sky. They also view themselves as either too bad for God to love or to good to need His grace. In WEiRD Grace, Pastor Brandon Cox shares the real meaning of the word “grace” as it was demonstrated by God giving His Son, Jesus, for us. Real grace is weird, it’s scandalous, and it’s shocking.

Week Three: WEiRD Worship

Normal people assume worship to be based on rituals and traditions, confined to a time and a place, and ultimately exists for our own benefit. But Jesus introduced a weird view of worship in which broken people recognize the supremacy of God, worshipping Him everywhere, all the time, in spirit and in truth.

Week Four: WEiRD Church

If we were to diagnose the problems that humanity faces and propose a solution, it wouldn’t be the church. It would be government, or business, or education, but God had the church in mind, so Jesus founded it and commissioned it to go and tackle the world’s biggest problems. And when it works, it’s awesome!… but weird.

Week Five: WEiRD Generosity

Being financially over-extended and stressed out is normal. Being financially healthy and generous is weird. Pastor Brandon shares biblical wisdom for getting financially healthy and developing an attitude of generosity.

Week Six: WEiRD Future

Jesus said that the gateway into eternal life is narrow and the pathway to destruction is broad. Most people never get off the pathway of destruction. In other words, hell is normal. Heaven is weird. It’s the exception. What we do with Jesus determines where we spend eternity, and what we do with our life determines how we experience eternity.