God Shaped You For Significance!

We believe that every member of Grace Hills is a minister and has a responsibility to serve others within the body of Christ according to how we are shaped. In this class, we will talk about our God-given SHAPE for ministry.

  • S – Spiritual gifts
  • H – Heart
  • A – Abilities
  • P – Personality
  • E – Experiences

God has uniquely made you to possess all five of these aspects, and He wants to use all of them as you commit to an area of serving others. Though we haven’t started offering the class just yet, we would love to plug you in to an area of service today!

Everybody has a place to serve others at Grace Hills. You don't have to be a superhero. You just need to value people. We invite you to "try out" an area to see if it's a right fit. Let us know how you believe you would enjoy serving others...
  • Please note that anyone who will be in a leading role with kids or students must submit to a full nationwide background check. We highly value safety and security.